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Since 1997, the people at Stratton Safes have been dedicated to providing you with excellence in Quality, Service, and Price. With an extensive background in the safe service industry, we are able to find the right product that meets the demands of our customers and deliver it at the right price. We stock deposit and drop safes, media safes, fireproof file cabinets, home safes, safe deposit boxes, fire resistant home office safes, floor versions and many others from FireKing and Phoenix for storage of media and data files. One thing that separates Stratton Safes apart from our competition is that we can also repair your safe should the need arise. Our technicians are certified through the Safe & Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA). We will not only sell you the right safe at the lowest price, we have the ability to keep your safe in working condition for as long as you own it. As you are shopping around for the best price, ask the other suppliers if they are capable of servicing your safe or if they are just an Internet retail drop shipper. Chances are we will be doing the work on your safe, so save a few steps and take advantage of our special low prices. We will not only sell you safes, we will know your safe and we can repair your safe should the need arise. Contact us today for more information on our deposit and drop safes, data & media safes, fireproof file cabinets, home safes, safe deposit boxes, fire resistant home office safes and floor versions from FireKing, Phoenix, Bridgeman as well as other quality name brands.
Safe & Vault Technicians Association
Safe & Vault Technicians Association
Clearstar Security Network
Let Stratton Safes service your safe needs. The technicians are skilled to open any safe. Many times we can open safes with no physical damages to the safe. We open safes using manipulation when posible. Many high security safes have key locks that are very suffisticated. Stratton Safes can open these safes using advanced tools that open the locks with no damages. The safe that we can open include but are not limited to: Alpine Safe, Amsec, Barnes Safe, Blue Sky Safes, J Baum Safe Company, Cary Safe, Diebold Safe Company, Eagle Safe, Eclipse, Ferrel Safe, Halls Safe, Herring Safe, Herring Hall Marvin, MacNeale & Urban, Mosler Safe Company, Mosler-Bahmann, National Safe, Pittsburg Safe Company, Victor Safe, York Safe, Amsec Gun Safes, Blue Star, Blue Dot Safes, Browning Gun Safes, Cannon Safes, Centurion Safes, Cobalt Safes, Fort Knox Gun Safes, Frontier Safes, Gardall Safes, Granite Gun Safes, Hall Gun Safes, Heritage Gun Safes, Homak Safes, Homeland Gun Safes, Liberty Gun Safes, Mutual Gun Safes, National Safes, Patriot Gun Safes, Pony Express Gun Safes, Sportsman Steel Gun Safes, Treadlok Gun Safes, Winchester Gun Safes, Ambassador, Amvault, Atlas Safe, Bernardini Safe, Bischoff Safe, Bridgeman Safe, Bumil Safe, Chatwood Milner Safes, Chubb Safes, Diebold Safes, Emo Safes, Fichet Bauche, International Safes, ISM Safes, Kaso Safes, Lord Safes, Mancicni Safes, Mosler Safes, Original Safes, Rosengrens Safes, Securifort Safes, SLS Safes, Stratton Safes, Tann Safes, US Security, Vector Safes, and many others.

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