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We have been providing the Big Blue Safes for over 10 years! The Big Blue Safes are one of our custom safes. These B Rated safes are constructed of a 1/2" thick solid steel door and 3/16 thick walls. The safes have a center divider that separates each compartment. In case of a burglary attack, each side is independent of one another and both sides need to be burglarized in order to gain all of the contents. The safes include 3 shelves on each side. Additional shelves are available. The locks are the reliable LaGard SafeGard 3000 keypads with the LGBasic lock bodies. The locks can be upgraded to time delay or multi user locks. Each safe includes delivery and installation. Installation includes removal from the truck, unpacking, setting in your desired location, bolting down, and clean up of the debris.
Big Blue Safes
Big Blue Safes
External Dimensions 71H x 48W x 30D
Internal Dimensions 70.5H x 23.5W x 27D each side
Weight 1400 lbs.
Capacity 53 Cu Feet
Accessories 3 (2 adjustable) shelves each side, electronic safe locks, predrilled for bolting down.
Locks Big Blue Safes are equipped with the LaGard LGBasic high security electronic safe locks and with the most reliable keypads. These locks can be upgraded to time delay or multi user locks.
Big Blue Safes
Stratton Safes believes in America as it once was. This is why every part (batteries included) of the Big Blue Safes is made in the USA. Supporting workers, our neighbors, friends and families. We go to extra lengths to insure that we keep the Big Blue Safes made in the USA.


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