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Beware of Scams

There are companies in the phone book and on the Internet that quote great prices to open safes. We get calls all the time for quotes to open safes. We have opened thousands of safes since 1997. Typically we charge about $300-500 to open and repair a gun safe. This usually takes about an hour and a half to open and repair your safe.

The determining factors in the price include:
1. Make and model of safe. Not every safe is identical in burglary rating. Size of the safe is not the bases.
2. Type of lock. Whether it be a mechanical dial, key lock, or an electronic push button lock.
3. What is the problem? Lost combinations, mechanical problems, and burglary attempts are all factors in determining cost.

The problems with scammers is they are taking advantage of your lack of knowledge in what it takes to open a safe. Ask questions! The more questions you ask, the more informed you become. Soon you will realize that you don't want to do business with these companies because they can't even answer the basic of questions. Many times they don't even ask the correct questions to give a you an accurate quote. If they are not asking questions in regards to your safe and the problems that you have, then how are they going to give you an accurate quote? Remember an open ended quote based on time required to open your safe is never the best way to go. I can open and repair your safe in 1.5hrs after 19 years of experience. If it takes longer, you should not be penalized. If you are quoted a base rate (service call) plus x dollars an hour to open your safe. Ask questions! How long will it take? What if it takes longer? Can you repair the safe? Why not?

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